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НҮБ-ын Хөгжлийн хөтөлбөрийн Монгол дахь салбар нь МУИС-ийн Төгсөлтийн дараах сургуультай завшилцсөний дагуу МУИС-ийн магистрант, докторантыг сайн дурынхны хөтөлбөрт хамруулахаар болж байна.

Энэ хөтөлбөрийн дагуу 2015 оны 12-р сараас 2016 оны 04-р сарын хооронд Санхүүгийн хэлтэст дадлага хийх магистрантыг саналаа ирүүлэхийг  урьж байна.

Магистрантад тавигдах ерөнхий шаардлага:

  • Төгсөлтийн дараах түвшний хөтөлбөрт хамрагдаж байгаа /магистрант эсвэл доктрант/
  • Санхүү болон үүнтэй адилтгах хөтөлбөрт суралцдаг
  • Ачаалал даах
  • Англи хэлээр чөлөөтэй ярьж, уншиж, бичих чадвартай
  • Бие даан ажиллах
  • Судалгаа шинжилгээний өндөр чадвартай
  • Компьютерийн хэрэглээний програмууд дээр ажиллах чадвартай

Дадлага хийх хүсэлтээ 12-р сарын 22-ныг хүртэл ТДС-ийн хаягаар ирж С.Гарамханд мэргэжилтэнтэй уулзах буюу 11321983, 88094556 утасруу ярьж мэдэгдэнэ үү. 

Дадлагын удирдамжийг доороос татаж үзнэ үү.



Intern to Finance Unit


  1. Background

Finance unit is fully committed to host an intern with an objective to provide opportunities to expose the intern in to the UNDP CO finance business environment.  Being one of the vital units of the CO Operations Team, the Unit believes it will be a great chance to introduce an intern into international organization’s finance particularly in UNDP finance. On the other hand, it will be a good opportunity for the intern to get on-the-job training for her/his future professional careers and gain work experience, thus to create a network of contacts. 

  1. Objectives

The objectives of the internship programme are (1) to provide current student with important practical experience which complement their field of study and at the same time will benefit to Finance Unit (2) to promote better understanding of UNDP’s agenda for the incumbent via a hands-on experience and (3) to expose the students to the UNDP and its financial rules and regulations.

3. Scope of work

Under the supervision and close consultation with Finance staff, the intern is expected to:

  • Familiarize her/himself with UNDP financial rules and regulations;
  • Familiarize her/himself with CO finance business flow;
  • Preparing bank transfer documents; submitting payments to bank signatories;
  • Preparing consolidated cost recovery reports on monthly basis;
  • Following up with internal and external customers on bank/payment details;
  • Assisting in HACT transitional audit preparatory and follow up actions;
  • Following up with projects’ staff on supporting documents;
  • Assisting in compiling consolidated VAT report;
  • Drafting various official letters;
  • Providing assistance on filing of payment documents;
  • Archiving old documents and files;
  • Preparing reference lists to finance documents;
  • Scanning of archive documents;
  • Being engaged in other activities of the unit and
  • Any other duties as required.


  1. Management arrangement

The Intern will report to the Finance Manager.  


  1. Duration of internship

The internship will last for four months initially, starting from 15 December 2015 until 01 April 2016 and it may be extended another one month depending on the exigencies of the internship.

               The location is UNDP Country Office in Ulaanbaatar. The intern is expected to work full/part time at the UNDP CO.

6.    Qualifications and Experience

  • Be enrolled in a graduate programme towards a degree in finance and/ or other related discipline;
  • Excellent drafting and research skills;
  • Ability to meet deadlines;
  • Fluency in English is a must;
  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision;
  • Excellent computer skills in MS package, internet search and design software


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